Formulation codes

Catalogue of pesticide formulation types and international coding system, Technical Monograph n°2, 7th Edition Revised March 2017, CropLife International

AE Aerosol dispenser MC Mosquito coil
AL Other liquids to applied undiluted ME Micro-emulsion
AP All other products to be applied undiluted MR Matrix Release
BR Briquette OD Oil dispersion
CB Bait concentrate OF Oil miscible flowable concentrate (oil miscible suspension)
CP Contact powder OL Oil miscible liquid
CS Capsule suspension OP Oil dispersible powder
DC Dispersible concentrate PA Paste
DP Dustable powder PR Plant rodlet
DS Powder for dry seed treatment RB Bait (ready for use)
DT Tablets for direct application SC Suspension concentrate (= flowable concentrate)
EC Emulsifiable concentrate SD Suspension concentrate for direct application
EG Emulsifiable granule SE Suspo-emulsion
EO Emulsion, water in oil SG Water soluble granule
EP Emulsifiable powder SL  Soluble concentrate
ES Emulsion for seed treatment SO Spreading oil
EW Emulsion, oil in water SP Water soluble powder
FS Flowable concentrate for seed treatment ST Water soluble tablets
FU Smoke  generator SU  Ultralow volume (ULV) suspension
GA Gas TB  Tablet
GD Gel for direct application TC Technical material
GE Gas generating product TK Technical concentrate
GL Emulsifiable gel UL Ultra-low volume (ULV) liquid
GR Granule VP Vapour releasing product
GS Grease WG Water dispersible granule
GW Water soluble gel WP Wettable powder
HN Hot fogging concentrate Ws Water dispersible powder for slurry treatment
KK Combi-pack solid/liquid* WT Water dispersible tablets
KL Combi-pack liquid/liquid* XX Others
KN Cold fogging concentrate ZC A mixed formulation of CS en SC
LB Long-lasting storage bag ZE A mixed formulation of CS en SE
LN Long-lasting insecticidal net ZW A mixed formulation of CS en EW
LS Solution for seed treatment

* Special two-letter code for twin-packs

For Record keeping purposes, the suffix “SB” shoul be added to the formulation code, if the material is packaged in a sealed water soluble bag (e.g. WP-SB)