PL2303TA download cable USB to TTL RS232 module โมดูล USB TTL PL2303TA

โมดูลสื่อสาร USB TTL สำหรับการสื่อสารแบบ TTL เช่น upload โปรแกรมเข้า Arduino Pro mini / ESP8266 / ESP8285 รองรับ windows ทุกรุ่น

PL2303TA download cable USB to TTL RS232 module

This is a newly designed products, using Taiwan’s prolific production company PL2303TA chip,  PL2303TA provides a RS232 -like full-duplex asynchronous serial devices to connect to any universal serial bus ( the USB  ) host can be a convenient solution.  The PL2303TA is perfectly compatible with the win XP / VISTA / 7/8 / 8.1 system, which can be simulated in most operating systems to allow existing applications based on COM ports to be easily ported and USB connected without the need to rewrite the COM port software Apply the traditional COM port.

By using a USB bulk transfer mode, a large data buffer and the advantages of automatic flow control,  PL2303TA to achieve higher throughput compared to conventional UART does not require (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) real RS232 signal transmission rate than 115,200 high Base points can be used for even higher performance.  The PL2303TA ‘s flexible baud rate generator can be programmed to produce any rate between 75 basis points and 6 million base points.

The PL2303TA is designed for mobile and embedded solutions that offer a compact, easy to adapt to any connector and handheld device. With the  operating or suspend mode very power consumption , the PL2303TA is perfectly powered by the left side for the connected device bus powered operation .

This product specifically for laboratory, product testing, low-cost MCU communications applications, there are four leads

  • Red  +5 V
  • Black  GND
  • White  RXD
  • Green  TXD


  • For the traditional RS232 device to USB interface to single-chip solution upgrade
  • USB switch RS232 converter / cable / dongle
  • Health / medical USB interface data transmission line
  • Personal Infotainment / Media Player docking USB interface
  • Cell phone / Pocket PC USB interface Data transmission line
  • Serial – over-IP wireless solution
  • USB bar code / smart card reader
  • GPS / navigation USB interface
  • Point of sale terminal ( POS  ) terminal / printer
  • Computer docking station / port replicator
  • Industrial / instrumentation / automation control USB interface
  • USB modem / wireless / Zigbee the USB interfaces
  • Set-top box (  STB  )  / home gateway USB interface
  • BatteryCharger application
  • Based MCU devices USB Interface